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High Solids High Build High Tech

November 26-27, 2012 • Ramada Plaza Guangzhou • Guangzhou, P.R. China

With the maturing of the paint market in China, specialisation in high value-added products has emerged as the key to profitability. Commercial success no longer hinges on volume or turnover but on high performance. At the same time, environmental considerations are exerting additional pressure on product development. Most high performance coating systems have their own drawbacks, requiring specific technical solutions - often based on complex and clever chemistry - for a problem -free application.

Much of the current R&D work thus focuses on the creation of high performance products and technologies leading to high productivity at shop floor & high differentiation in the market place through the development of value added features and functionalities based on innovative chemistry. Rising labour & application costs, moreover, make long lasting high-durability coatings particularly attractive since it helps delaying the maintenance interval thereby saving cost. With mounting competition and pressure on commoditization, members of the technically alert coatings community can no longer afford to lose track of upcoming Conferences on Hi-Coatings. So energize yourself with high thoughts, feel high and face customers with high conviction. Remember, a high coating is the key for high differentiation and high growth. The fate of a technically alert company will invariably be bound up with this Conference theme; in some instances, this may ensure their very survival!

The presentation of papers and post-presentation discussions will be conducted in both English and Chinese (Putonghua).

DD Technology Forum, UK

Mr. Dip Dasgupta



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