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17th CHINACOAT Conference
High-Performance Coatings – Defining Next Generation of Coating Solutions
Nov 18-19, 2019
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), P.R. China

This Conference is officially ended. Thank you for your participation in this event. Conference topics are as below:

Chairman Address: Global Trends in Coatings and Paint Technologies
Paper 1: Different Approaches to Achieve A Better Wetting of Waterborne Coatings
Paper 2: IPRI research on Microbial-Material Interactions, and Antifouling Materials and Coatings Technologies
Paper 3: Innovative Moisture Curing Vinyl Alkoxysilane Polymer for High-Performance Coatings
Paper 4: How It Works: Waterborne 2K PU Coatings Theory & Practice
Paper 5: Fluoropolymer (PVDF)-Based Waterborne Coatings
Paper 6: Unique Cobalt-Free Catalyst for Improved Dry Times and Other Added Benefits in Oxidative Cured Systems
Paper 7: Copper-Containing Glass Ceramic with High Antimicrobial Efficacy
Paper 8: In-depth Understanding of EU's 420 g/L VOC Limit for Car Refinish Topcoats
Paper 9: Synthesis & Properties of Castor Oil-Based Resin for Coating
Paper 10: Multiple Effects of TiO2 Pigment on Paint Gloss Retention
Paper 11: Development of Nanometer Transparent Functional Coatings
Paper 12: New Isocyanate for High-Performance Polyurethane Coatings

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