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15th CHINACOAT Conference
Emerging Technologies & Formulations for Innovative Coatings
Nov 14-15, 2017 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), P.R. China

Coatings Technologies have reached certain maturity; however new challenges have emerged. The industry is being impacted by three major factors of sustainability/environmental goals, the need for high productivity and efficiency and high performance/multi-functional materials. To provide solutions to such challenges, suppliers and users must focus on innovation and its key enablers: Emerging Technologies. Among such materials are hybrid and multifunctional materials, easy/self-cleaning, antimicrobial, and sustainable coatings and processes etc. This conference provides valuable information on emerging technologies and novel materials, and presents promising solutions to industry challenges. There is no substitute for being exposed to stimulating ideas and innovative solutions!

Papers included:

  • *Antimicrobial
  • *Easy/self-cleaning
  • *Multi-functional Coatings
  • *Corrosion Sensing
  • *Hybrid Organic/ Inorganic
  • *Superhydrophoblic
  • *Dirt & Algae resistant
  • *Innovative Coatings
  • *Sustainable Coatings

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Conference Chairman

Prof. Jamil Baghdachi

Eastern Michigan University, USA


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