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Thirteenth CHINACOAT Conference
Broadening Sustainable Formulation Options
November 16-17, 2015(Monday & Tuesday)
Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel, Shanghai, P. R. China

Wood is a versatile, aesthetically attractive, a renewable material and conforms better with the principle of “sustainable development” than the synthetic alternatives. However, wood is intrinsically variable and thus requires careful selection of appropriate coating systems to deliver long term performances, in both interior and exterior situations.

Global wood coatings market will show a steady growth depending on market dynamics, environmental legislation, customer demand for superior products and consumer consciousness on health & safety issues. The opening keynote paper on Global Market will identify and quantify coatings sector where technology has the best opportunities for future penetration. The keynote paper on Flame Retardant Technology will present a new halogen free patented system.

The Conference will be of value to raw material suppliers, coatings manufacturers, as well as specifiers and end-users of wood coatings. There is no substitute for being exposed to stimulating ideas and new information!

Mr. Dip Dasgupta


DD Technology Forum, UK

Keynote Speaker:

Mr. Louis McCulloch

James Consulting, UK

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Swaraj Paul

PPPolymer, Sweden


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